“I was completely tense , back killing me for weeks and knew I needed a massage. I went in hoping it would at least relax some of my tension. Knowing she was new at this I didn’t know what to expect whether it would be a soft massage and not get the knots out. I was was pleasantly surprised! I went into the room and the ambience was relaxing and music fabulous…. then she began and for the next hour I felt my body relax and with every knot she worked it loose. She had the right pressure and I actually thought through it ‘if I didn’t know she was still studying I would of thought she’d been doing this for years professionally’. She’s a natural. I felt that after my massage that she was selling herself short with what she was charging, even though she was starting out, that was a massage that I would of paid for in a shop at shop prices. She was kind and soothing to talk to and listened while I babbled on. It was a Great experience. She has a beautiful nature that is caring and positive and have a way with making clients feel wonderful x”