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Spray Tans Gold Coast

Get that just off the beach glow the healthy way with a Blissful Beauty Spray Tan.

It’s amazing how much confidence a spray tan can give you, making you feel sexier and more confident! Blissful Beauty’s professional tanners use only the best quality tans, so you can be rest assured that you were walk away glowing.



In Salon FlawlessTan (2hr wash n wear)


Mobile FlawlessTan (2hr wash n wear)


Remove all unwanted hair from your body. Waxing or shaving and exfoliating 8 to 24 hours before the tan is important as the skin becomes prepared for the absorption of the tanning solution. The dead skin cells are removed from the upper layer of the skin, allowing the new and fresh skin to reap out. Exfoliating prior to the session will remove the dead skin and extend the life of your tan.

Shower before your session. Avoid using body washes which are extra moisturising and opt for a gel-based body wash or bar soap. Wear loose and dark clothes to your spray tanning session. Clothes often get stained after the tanning session so wear something that can be easily cleaned later. You should also wear loose shoes or flip flops.

DO NOT wear deodorant, lotions or perfumes both before and right after the spray tanning session. Deodorants tend to mix with the tanning solution and create unwanted results. In addition, makeup, perfumes and even jewelry will come in the way of the tanning solution and act as barriers for an even finish.

Do not apply a moisturiser or body butter before the tanning session. These create streaks in the tan as the solution slides off from the skin instead of being absorbed.

Apply barrier cream Naturally drier areas of the skin, like the elbows, ankles, and knees, will absorb more pigment, so always apply a protective barrier cream before the tan so that they don’t go too dark.


Do not shower for at least 2 hours after the spray tanning solution has been applied. This waiting period allows maximum tanning solution absorption for the skin.

After the waiting period has passed, shower in warm water (it should not be too hot) and use a light, gentle body wash. The bronzer will run out, and when the water is no longer brown, pat dry yourself with a towel.

Avoid activities that will make you sweat. This means no exercises, sports, dancing or jogging. You should also avoid the sun to prevent sweating. Sweating creates streaks in the tan.

Spray tan before and after care involves avoiding chlorinated swimming pools that easily react with the tanning solution and cause an uneven fade.

Moisturising the skin daily will help make the tan last longer, as well as help it to fade evenly. Apply lotion every day Keeping your newly tanned skin hydrated is the best way to make the color last longer, because it won’t dry out and need to be exfoliated prematurely. Do not use lotions or creams on your skin which contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA’s) or Glycolic Acid as they tend to exfoliate the skin. Use a neutralizing pH body wash.

Once you have bathed after the tanning session (after 6-8 hours), only then should you use perfumes, deodorants and makeup.